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BambooDr. Abueg provides consultation to attorneys and their clients involved in criminal and civil litigation, especially instances requiring PTSD expert witness services. Dr. Abueg provides thorough and highly defensible DSM-5 mental disorder evaluations in the following types of cases where psychological injury is at issue:

Criminal Defense & Prosecution
Mental Status at the Time of the Offense
Plaintiff Psychological Injury
PTSD in the Workplace Resulting from Exposure to Violence or Other Workplace Threats
Mental Illness Resulting from Discrimination and/or Sexual Harassment
Evaluation of Rigor of Opposing Parties' Claims of PTSD or Other Psychological Injury 
Capital Cases (Defense and Rebuttal Testimony)
False PTSD, Malingering, Factitious Disorders

Additional Forensic Services Provided:

Fitness for Duty Evaluations
Disability Evaluations

Dr. Abueg's Content Expertise 

PTSD Resulting from Combat
PTSD and Alcohol or Drug Intoxication Interactions
PTSD and Gender or Ethnic Minority Considerations 
Complex Trauma (Repeated lifelong traumatization)
Flashbacks, Dissociative Responding and Dissociative Identity Disorder 

Please note that in the event that Dr. Abueg's expertise does not match the needs of your case, appropriate referrals can be made to world-class academicians, research scientists, and clinical practitioners in the area of psychiatric injury. Feel free to consult TraumaResource with such inquiries.


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