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TraumaResource is a clinical and forensic psychology practice designed to help you quickly recover from trauma-related emotional suffering and provide a launch to finding long-term happiness and purpose.

Would you like rapid relief from overwhelming stress or sadness? Dr. Francis Abueg, licensed clinical psychologist, will personally help you, your family, your attorney or primary care provider, in understanding your posttraumatic symptoms or disorder (PTSD). His warmth and depth of experience will help guide you to feeling safe and stable again. With over 30 years experience diagnosing and treating PTSD and associated problems--dissociation, depression, panic and addictions--he has the tools to restore your health while instilling a sense of confidence and purpose that leads to even deeper transformations. Dr. Abueg has specific expertise in helping you overcome complex PTSD and dissociative disorders or a combined problem of trauma and addiction.

Have you experienced a sudden death in the family or suffered a close call in a car accident? Have you been exposed to violence or severe accident at work? Are you involved in a legal case that would benefit from expert testing, diagnosis or testimony. Through your attorney, Dr. Abueg can provide consultations and expert assessments for individuals involved in criminal or civil litigation. Dr. Abueg has been deposed or testified in over 80 cases in the United States, most of which involved PTSD.

Dr. Abueg has a reputation for easy access, good humor and top-notch care. Please call or email Dr. Abueg of TraumaResource now for a quick consultation to see how he can help you.


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